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Unique Conductor Construction, provides Greater Capacity and No Voltage drop.

Greater Functionality

Automated 3D forming provides space efficiency, optimal routing and allows for  automated (robotic) assembly into final products.

Use Less Space

Exclusive rectangular solid copper profile conductor with vibration dampening, provides greater space utilization vs. old fashioned round conductors or traditional laminated construction.


Electric Vehicle Battery


Offer solutions current methods of cabling and old style laminated bus bars can not  offer.

Better Insulation

PA12 insulation performs better than PVC and some other cable insulations enabling some OEMs to use smaller copper cross sections. PA12 insulation does not allow moisture/contaminants to  wick under insulation like traditional round cable  and laminated bus bar constructions.

3D Bending Technology

 3D bending technology requires no tooling for forming your required design.

Proven Results

Proven technology in production for 6 years at major European automotive OEMs.

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